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Everyone’s home journey is different.

At BGC Housing Group, we’re proud to play a part in your new home build process, offering guidance and support to bring your dream to life.

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At BGC Housing Group, we’ve helped thousands of people across WA create the home they’ve always wanted, and we’re proud to be part of your building journey. This helpful process guide will take you through all the home building steps from planning to handing over the keys, helping you focus on making the most of every moment.


The pre-construction phase marks the start of your home building journey. There’s lots to do, and plenty of things for you to sign, so get ready! The pre-construction phase can take a little time, so just remember to be patient and keep your eye on the prize.

  1. Meeting pre-requirements and being accepted

    Chill the bubbles and start calling all your nearest and dearest, because it’s time to celebrate. Once your new home file meets our pre-requirements and has been accepted, our team will get to work ordering the site survey and site inspection report for your land (if it’s titled). You will also be assigned your own Contract Administrator during this time.

  2. Receive your online portal login

    You’re about to receive a lot of documents, so keeping them all in one safe and secure location is vital. You’ll receive a login for your very own online portal, where you can track updates, view all documents, make online selections and even see your new home in 3D.

  3. Survey and site inspection conducted

    If your block is titled, our team will order all survey and site inspection reports, to make sure everything is good to go before construction begins.

  4. Working drawings are created

    Your working drawings will show how everything in your new home will come together, and will include:

    • Floor plan
    • Elevations
    • Internal cupboards
    • Site plan (if survey is available)
  5. Your plans are certified and contract is prepared

    Once your survey and site inspection reports have been received, your plans will be certified to a minimum 6-Star energy rating and structurally certified by engineers.
    At this time you will also receive your building contract to sign, containing all your working drawings and specifications.

  6. Finance approval

    When you sign the building contract, it’s time for finance approval.
    As part of BGC, The Loan Company can help you find the right loan to suit your individual needs, thanks to strong relationships with some of Australia’s leading banks and lenders.

  7. Your building permit is issued

    When you sign the building contract, it’s time for finance approval.
    As part of BGC, The Loan Company can help you find the right loan to suit your individual needs, thanks to strong relationships with some of Australia’s leading banks and lenders.


This is where things start to get really exciting. During Prestart, you’ll be able to visualise your new home more clearly, with the opportunity to pick all the colours, fixtures and materials that will bring your new home to life.

  1. Prepare for your Prestart meeting

    In order for your Prestart meeting to be successful, it’s very important to be prepared! To help you out, here are some handy tips:

    • Do your homework first. This includes writing down any questions so you can be sure that everyone is on the same page.
    • Make the selections for your new home via the online portal. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed during the appointment. If you still need extra advice, our team will be happy to provide it!
    • Review your electrical plan. Mark up on the plan where you would like your power points, light points and light switches to go, and make sure to bring it with you to the meeting.
    • Complete your tile selection at one of our nominated tile centres. It’s really important to remember to do this, as your Prestart may be delayed if you haven’t completed this step.
    • Complete your flooring selection at Trevors Carpets Showroom. That’s only if you have floor covering included in your contract.
    • Watch the Prestart video on your online portal. This will help to get you prepared for what’s to come.
  2. Visit BGC Home for some added inspiration

    Still feeling a little unsure about your selections? Then visit BGC Home where you can view all your online selections in person, helping you to visualise what they will look like in your future home. With over 1000sqm of style to explore, BGC Home has everything you need, plus plenty of expert advice.

    You’re welcome to visit from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

  3. Browse through our Design Schemes

    For added design support, our Design Schemes have you covered. Each professionally prepared Design Scheme features a range of colour schemes, finishes and materials that will have your new home looking fantastic.

    Plus, by choosing one of our Design Schemes, you can save hours off your Prestart appointment. So, that’s definitely something to consider!

  4. Your Prestart meeting

    Your Prestart meeting will be held with a professional Prestart consultant. Here’s what you can expect to happen during the meeting:

    • Floor plan checks. Your Prestart consultant will take you through every room on your floor plan, helping you choose the right fixtures and finishes.
    • Confirming all your materials and colour selections. Your consultant will help you to choose all the internal and external colours for your home. This is when it pays to do your homework and read the selection guide through carefully before the meeting.
    • Checking any additional upgrades. If you have special upgrades or additions in your contract, your Prestart consultant will walk through these with you.
  5. Signing the contract

    Once your Prestart selections are in, our team will get busy in placing your orders and amending your working drawings to reflect your new colours, fixtures and materials.

    You’ll be given these updated drawings plus a contract to sign. It’s very important you read through these very carefully, as once you sign, you can’t make any more changes. So, take your time!

  6. Settlement and advance to build

    Behind the scenes, your land settlement will have been working its way through the approval channels. Once you have all the final approvals and settlement is complete, it’s time to advance to construction. All your hard work has paid off, and your new home is about to take shape. Congratulations!


Ready, set, build! With all the preparation complete, it’s now time to put all those plans into action. There’s nothing better than standing back and watching your new home come to life, with so many milestones still to come in your journey.

  1. Slab down

    Construction of your home will begin with site works to compact the sand pad and make sure everything is clear. Then, it’s time to pour the footings and put down the slab. Many buyers host their own little ‘slab party’ gatherings to mark the occasion – after all, it’s a big achievement.

  2. Utilities and preparation

    When the slab is settled, our team of professionals will get to work to:

    • Lay down the sewerage line
    • Organise installation of stormwater tanks (if required)
    • Remove any excess soil
    • Deliver bricks, sand, window frames and door frames to the construction site
  3. External works

    Your external works will start with our bricklayers putting up your walls, followed by the delivery and installation of your roof timbers. Your electricity and plumbing will be added during this stage, too.

    At this point, your gutter, fascia, eave lining and roof cover will also be installed. If your roof tiles are ready, our contractors will conduct a maintenance check. Inside, your ceilings, cornices and window glazing will take shape, and the plasterers will prepare the internal walls.

  4. Lock-up stage

    Let there be doors! Once your doors are on at lock-up stage, your house will be secure enough to commence internal fit-out works. This is a big step, with the finishing line now getting ever closer.

  5. Cabinetry and tiling

    Your internal works will start with the installation of your vanities and kitchen. Our plumbers will also install your toilets and laundry tub, and organise delivery of your bathtub, if you have one. When all the big items are secure and ready to use, our tilers will then install any tiling, and work on any other finishing touches.

  6. Final electrics

    It’s time for the lightbulb moment, with the final installation of your light fittings, power points and appliances. Your electrics will be installed as per your approved drawings, which you will have a copy of in your online portal.

  7. Finishing touches

    At this point, there’s only a few little jobs left to do:

    • Complete the glazing of your shower screens and mirrors.
    • Paint the walls.
    • A thorough clean of the site.
    • Install your paving and garage door.
    • Internal painting and installation of floor coverings and blinds (if these are included in your contract).
  8. Practical completion

    When your new home reaches practical completion, we will organise a time for you to come and conduct one final inspection with your site manager. You will also need to authorise your final process payment at this stage.

    Practical completion is your opportunity to speak up if you spot anything in your new home build that you feel isn’t right, or you just want to understand more around what is and isn’t included in your contract. It’s vital that you communicate any issues quickly and clearly so they can be resolved by our team.

Key Handover

Once you’ve inspected your home carefully and read through and signed all the final contracts, your keys are ready to be handed over and you’re free to start moving your furniture in.

After months of hard work, you can now get ready to really relax and make the most of your new home. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement!

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