Feb 16, 2022

West Perth Football Club Launch Season 2022

Last Friday night, BGC Housing Group employees had the opportunity to join the West Perth Football Club as they launched the 2022 season.

It was a brilliant night with the opportunity to hear from speakers that spoke on the importance of diversity in sport and pursuing the opportunities that arise. Each recognising their individual circumstances, hard work, and dedication that had got them to their ultimate success whilst acknowledging that sport teaches us important skills such as resilience, teamwork, drive, and constant improvement.

With over 230 in attendance, the night was a huge success highlighting the outstanding women’s program the club has built over several years.

It was fantastic to hear from the league head coach, Steve Hazell on the vision and goals he has for the team and the season ahead. To wrap up the night players were presented their jumpers from club president, Dr. Neale Fong, and CEO, Joe McCarthy.

BGC Housing Group is thrilled to be the major sponsor of The Falcons in their delivery of their first team in the WAFLW League for the year ahead.

With a growing team of over 30 new Roger’s cup members and coming on from the victory of the Roger’s Cup in 2021, there is a strong drive for success amongst the group.

Carn the Falcons!

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