BGC Housing Group’s long standing commitment to constructing sustainable energy efficient homes for the future

With recent reports coming out that many new homes in WA are being built below the minimum energy efficiency rating for Australian dwellings, BGC Housing Group is proud to state that we have been building 6 Star rated energy efficient homes long before it was mandatory to do so.  In fact, BGC Housing Group was one of the main advocates of introducing this change through the NCC Energy Efficiency Provisions 2019.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, or “NatHERS” assessments, are the most common way for any constructed home to meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC)

Energy assessors use these rating tools to predict the amount of heating and cooling your apartment or house will need to stay comfortable all year round. These findings are then converted to a star rating between 0 and 10 stars.

Effectively, homes with a higher star rating are considered more thermally comfortable and cheaper to run than homes with a lower star rating.  BGC have built tens of thousands of homes over the last decade, which offer superior energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for homeowners, as well as benefiting the environment.

Given vulnerable Western Australians are spending a higher proportion of their living expenses on energy usage, the reduction of this potential cost burden provides numerous societal advantages, with our six star rated homes projected to use about 25 percent less energy to both heat and cool, when compared to a similar sized five-star home.

This is something that BGC Housing Group has always prided itself on. Through our partnership with the State Government on delivering affordable and social housing, by continuously building high quality homes to this standard, we ensure that the state’s most vulnerable receive homes that are more energy efficient, meaning they spend less on heating and cooling, leaving room to conserve money for other needs.

This, in addition to our Lifetime Structural Guarantee, ensures that home buyers can be rest assured that they are buying an efficiently built and high-quality home that future proofs them against rising energy costs. Sustainable use of energy resources and competitively priced electricity are also essential for enabling our economy to recover in the post-COVID-19 world.

BGC Housing Group continues to advocate for more stringent energy requirements in Western Australia and is investing in research to drive innovative change as it looks to move to 7 Star homes in the not too distant future.