Dec 08, 2019

Energy-efficient homes pave the way for the future

An efficiently designed and sustainably built home are common desires for many budding homeowners, and a great way to achieve this is through a NatHERS six-star energy rating.

BGC Housing Group Executive General Manager Michael Bartier said “the company had been building six-star homes for over a decade and lauded the benefits.  “Our various building divisions, including Now Living and BGC Development, service The Housing Authority to deliver affordable housing to some of the state’s most vulnerable West Australian’s”  he said.

“We have built countless homes which offer superior energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for homeowners, as well as benefiting the environment.  Given vulnerable Western Australians are spending a higher proportion of their living expenses on energy usage, the reduction of the cost burden provides numerous societal advantages.”

A six star-rated house is projected to use about 25 to 25 per cent* less energy to heat and cool when compared to a similar sized five-star house.  This means lower energy bills and less pressure on energy infrastructures, as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions – a significant factor in lessening the impact of climate change.

“Currently, the State Government has an opportunity to enact change through NCC Energy Efficiency Provisions 2019 (NCC 2019) in order to ensure all new homes constructed in WA are future proofing residents against rising energy costs and contributing to our shared obligation to protect the environment, ” Mr Bartier said.  “There is opposition to NCC2019 on the basis that it is not feasible in WA and will add substantial costs to building.

BGC Housing Group along with the CSIRO and Thermarate reject this claim completely. The changes will introduce heating and cooling loads which will benefit WA the most due to our hot summers.  Not only will these changes help the environment, they will help residents hip pockets as well” according to Mr Bartier.  “We have conducted an assessment of the building cost to achieve a six-star home verses the same utilising the ‘Verification Using a Reference Building’ (VURB) method, and concluded that it costs on average less than $2000 more per home.” he said.

“Given BGC Housing Group absorbs this cost – and not the consumer – the benefits to the customers energy bills is significant. For us to adopt the full extent of the NCC 2019, the cost is negligible. Any low-cost measures which support sustainability in construction should be encouraged not resisted.”

Mr Bartier recommended using a reputable builder to design and build a home which meets a minimum NatHERS six-star energy rating.  “It means you will have a comfortable, well designed, energy-efficient  home and a future-proofed investment.” he said.

BGC Housing has written to the state Government on the above.


*As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in its publication Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home (2011), in comparison to a four or five -star home. Images for illustrative purposes only. BC 9769.

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