Jun 27, 2022

Choosing the right paint colour for your home

Wattyl are the leading experts in paint and have been making quality, high-performance paints and coatings for over a century.

Often you think choosing a paint colour would be an easy decision, until your faced with over 100 whites ranging hues from warm white, creamy white or cool white.

Behind every colour is meaning, so it is important to choose your paint colour carefully. We have shared some of Wattyl’s tips for creating the perfect kids’ bedrooms and home office.


Kids Bedrooms

It is important to find a colour that reflects your child’s current age but has the flexibility to adapt as they grow. Kids love colour and it has a significant impact on their mood. Here are some top tips Wattyl shared for choosing the perfect colour for your child’s bedroom:

  • Get your child involved
  • Add bright pops of colour through bedding and accessories if you choose a neutral paint colour for the walls
  • Blues are very popular and perfect for bedrooms
  • Young children love yellow! Yellow is associated with inspiration and happiness, but be sure to only use it in small quantities balanced with other colours
  • Use similar tones to your home’s colour scheme so it complements the rest of your palette


Home Office

We all have different reactions to colour, considering how a room looks and how you feel when you are in it will help you choose the perfect colour for your home office.

It is important to select a colour for your workspace that inspires you, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A dark blue or navy creates a luxurious feel and great background minimising visual distractions. Wattyl Colour: Wattyl Dark Dream
  • Soft warm pinks and peaches are known to increase focus, concentration and creativity. Wattyl Colour: Wattyl Early Pink
  • Dark blue-green is associated with calmness and rejuvenation. Wattyl Colour: Wattyl Tibetan Turquoise
  • Create a quiet and tranquil room that aids concentration, while the soft green tone is calming and enlarges the space. Wattyl Colour: Wattyl Cloud








For more colour inspiration visit https://wattyl.com.au/inspiration/

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