Jan 21, 2020

BGC Staff Appointed to UDIA Committees

Hamish Gleeson

Lachlan McCaffrey

Jessica Berry

BGC Housing Group are pleased to announce the appointment of three of their staff to UDIA Committees.

Town Planner and Approvals Manager Hamish Gleeson has been appointed to the Land Use Planning Committee,  Jessica Berry appointed to the Housing Diversity Committee, and Lachlan McCaffrey to the Outlook Committee.

The Land Use Planning Committee was established to advocate for the development and implementation of an efficient planning system that facilitates effective urban development and that meets Western Australia’s economic, social and environmental needs.

The Housing Diversity Committee was set up to identify opportunities for and barriers to, achieving best practice, greater affordability and diversity in built form outcomes, to meet Western Australia’s various housing and lifestyle needs, in a way that has a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

The Outlook Committee’s role is to identify and promote opportunities for professional development, networking, growth and engagement of emerging and existing young professionals within the property development sector.

Hamish brings over 15 years’ experience to the table, having served both the government and private sectors.  Jessica has over 10 years experience in Project Management and Business Development. Lachlan brings over 8 years’ of experience in town planning consultancy and project delivery.

Executive General Manager of BGC Housing Group Michael Bartier said, “their appointment to the UDIA Committees is a recognition of their skill sets and is a just reward for their hard work and passion”.

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