Oct 02, 2019

BGC Retains Long Held No 1 WA Builder Position

Recent HIA 100 releases have confirmed BGC maintains its position as the largest builder in WA with 2,521 homes between its two separately managed home groups.  BGC constructed approximately 50% more homes for WA families than its nearest competitor.

BGC has made significant preparations for the future to retain its position as WA’s largest builder.  It has rationalised JCorp and BGC Residential to form BGC Housing Group, to manage the existing eleven home-building brands with a focus on both detached and the emerging medium density sector. BGC is confident in the future of WA housing and has invested multi-millions in a new headquarters and state of the art display centre at the BGC owned 67 Walters Drive building, in addition to a planned $50 million investment in a modern display home program over the next two years.

BGC Chief Executive, Daniel Cooper, has stated “that while the WA housing market is extremely challenging at the moment with dwelling starts of 15,000 being at the lowest level for nearly two decades, this presents the ideal opportunity to reposition the business and deliver the strategy to ensure BGC are well prepared to leverage the upturn”. BGC has strengthened its medium density residential position with Now Living and BGC Development merging, while David Dodds (former Jaxon CEO) has been appointed to a restructured BGC Commercial Construction business with a strong focus on Multi Level Residential growth from recent urban infill planning changes.



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