Jun 12, 2023

Trevors Carpets: Pet-Friendly Flooring Recommendations

Choosing the right flooring for your home is essential when you have pets. Before picking out the flooring for your new home or undergoing renovations, Trevors Carpets have listed their top recommendations for pet-friendly products so that you never have to worry about coming home to scratches on shiny floorboards or mysterious blobs on your carpet!

Triexa Range: A collection of durable carpets made in Australia with pets in mind.

  1. Stain resistant: Triexa carpets repel pet mishaps, preventing stains from penetrating the fibres and keeping the carpet looking fresh.
  2. Extra durable: With the Triexa, the molecular fibres are designed with an extra durable string structure, making them resistant to rough pet play and ensuring your flooring remains intact.
  3. Easy to clean: It’s a breeze to clean the Triexa carpets. All you need is just a little water to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

These carpets also offer a little bonus for your furry friends too! They include more individual filaments per fibre, so rest assured your pets are getting comfort and luxury all rolled into one with this soft pillowy carpeting.

Godfrey Hirst Range: If you prefer non-carpeted flooring, Trevors Carpets offers the Godfrey Hirst Range, including hybrid vinyl planks suitable for homes with pets.

  1. Top layer protection: Godfrey Hirst vinyl planks have a durable top layer that guards against wear and scratching caused by pets’ paws and claws.
  2. Quiet flooring: These planks are designed to reduce noise, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere even when your pets are running around.
  3. Easy to clean and water resistant: Godfrey Hirst vinyl planks are water-resistant and effortless to clean, perfect for dealing with muddy paws and other pet-related messes.

Trevors Carpets understands the challenges of maintaining a pet-friendly home, which is why they offer top-quality flooring options. The Triexa Range provides durable, stain-resistant carpets that are easy to clean. The Godfrey Hirst Range offers water-resistant vinyl planks with added protection and noise-resistant features.

Embrace a worry-free lifestyle with flooring options that cater to your pets’ needs. Visit Trevors Carpets today to discover their pet-friendly solutions.

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