Jan 24, 2024

The Construction Journey

The construction journey is a complex and dynamic process that brings a vision to life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time homebuilder, the below guide will offer a roadmap to ensure a relatively seamless construction experience.



1. Site-works: Embarking on the construction journey begins with the foundational stage of site works, where the groundwork is laid for what’s to come.


2. Slab down: It’s time to pour the footings and then the slab to be laid. This is an important milestone, with many clients choosing to host a ‘slab down party’ to mark the occasion – after all, it’s a big achievement!


3. Underground services: This stage includes the sewerage line laid by plumbers, installation of stormwater tanks, removal of any excess soil as well as bricks, sand, and window frames will be delivered to the site.


4. Bricklayers: Did you know that approximately 10,000 to 15,000 bricks are laid to build an average single-storey home? Once the plate height stage is achieved, the roof timbers will be delivered to the site in preparation for subsequent stages.



5. Roof Frame: The timber is constructed to provide structural support for the roof. Additionally, electrical and plumbing systems are installed within the framework.


6. Roof Cover: This stage involves the preparation of gutter, fascia, and eave lining. Additionally, the selection of roof tiles or metal roofing is installed, ensuring a protective covering.


7. Ceilings: The installation of ceilings, cornices, and window glazing creates a finished interior appearance. Plastering is also carried out to prepare the internal walls for further decorating.



8. Lock Up: A significant milestone! Doors are installed, securing the home’s interior from external elements. Internal fit-out work commences including cabinetry, installation of vanities, kitchen fixtures, toilets, and laundry tubs.


9. Tiling: The selected tiles will be installed to the floors and walls throughout the home.


10. Electrical finals: The final installation stage of light fittings, power outlets, and appliances, bringing illumination and power to the building’s interior.


11. Finishing items: These are the items that bring the home to near completion. This involves glazing of shower screens and mirrors, painting the walls, floor coverings and blinds across the interior as well as outdoor features like paving and the garage door will be completed.



12. Practical Completion Inspection (PCI): Once the home reaches practical completion, a time will be organised with the homeowners and supervisor to conduct a final inspection. This is the opportunity for clients to communicate any issues, ensuring the home meets the standards and specifications outlined in the Building Contract. Once the inspection is completed and any necessary adjustments are made, this marks the transition from construction to occupancy.


13. Key Handover: This stage involves the formal transfer of the property’s keys from the construction team to the client, signifying the completion of the project. Key handover marks an exciting new chapter!



BGC Housing Group is proud to be part of each client’s construction journey. With over 60 different trades working on every site, from start to finish, each build is a collaborative effort to complete construction efficiently and to the highest standard as we continue to make homeownership a reality for more West Australians.

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