Apr 11, 2024

Surprise Dream Home

Nicole Carney recently built her brand new family home in Ellenbrook, and amazingly kept it a secret from her two boys until the moment they stepped through the front door. “The house was a surprise for them,” says Nicole. “They didn’t know I was building a house. I kept it as a surprise for them until they literally arrived at the front door.”

The four-bedroom, two bathroom plus theatre room house was the third time Nicole had built a house, but the first by herself. “I knew a little about the design process,” says Nicole, “and as I hope this is the last time I build I didn’t want to sacrifice on things I knew I couldn’t change later down the track. My goals were for my boys to feel safe and secure in their new home and in their bedrooms, so I spent a lot of time trying to make their bedrooms a reflection of who they are and what they like.”

Along the way, Nicole tweaked details such as making sure the house was placed on the site to minimise the front garden and make the back garden as big as possible for the boys to run around in and ensuring all rooms would fit her existing furniture.



“This was the best building experience I have had by far,” says Nicole, “and it all comes down to one person – Markus my Site Supervisor. He was in contact with me every step of the way and did the absolute best he could in a situation where everything took a long time time due to the pandemic.”

For Nicole and the boys, their favourite space in their new home is the theatre room, which features three television screens placed wall to wall so the family can all be together even if they are watching different programs or playing different games.

And they couldn’t be happier with the rest of their new home. “I absolutely love it!” says Nicole. “My boys absolutely love it! I walk around in awe feeling such a sense of achievement and peace that we are safe and secure, and we can do whatever we like to it to make the house suit our lifestyle. We’re finally home!”

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